4th - 6th September 1996

Thoresta Herrgard


Wednesday September 4th

19:00 -- 21:00 Registration

21:00 Light meal

Thursday September 5th

07:30 Breakfast

08:30 -- 08:40 Dan Henningson, FFA/KTH


08:40 -- 09:20 Poul S. Larsen, TUD

Computational and Experimental Fluid Mechanics Supported by

the Danish Research Council

09:20 -- 09:40 Thomas Condra, Alborg University

Current CFD-activities at Alborg University

09:40 -- 10:00 Jens-Peter Lynov, Risoe

Experimental and Numerical Studies of Coherent Structures

in Fluids and Plasmas

10:00 -- 10:30 Coffee

10:30 -- 10:50 Niels N. Soerensen, Risoe

Computational and Experimental Studies of Separated Flows

past 3-D Wind Turbine Rotors

10:50 -- 11:10 Henrik Alfredsson, KTH

Experimental Studies of Transition to Turbulence

11:10 -- 11:30 Lennart Lofdahl, CTH

CFD and Experiments at the Department of Thermo- and Fluid Dynamics

11:30 -- 11:50 Farid Alavyoon, Vattenfall Utveckling

Activities at Vattenfall Utveckling

12:00 -- 13:30 Lunch

13:40 -- 14:20 Arne Johansson, KTH

Turbulence Research at the Department of Mechanics, KTH

14:20 -- 14:40 Laszlo Fuchs, LTH


14:40 -- 15:00 Ingemar Lindblad, FFA


15:00 -- 15:20 Dean Eklund, KTH


15:20 -- 15:50 Coffee

15:50 -- 16:10 Hakan Gustavsson, LuTH

Fluid Mechanics at LuTH

16:10 -- 16:30 Hans Martensson, VAC

Critical Issues in Fluids Modeling of Turbomachinery

16:30 -- 16:50 Bert Arlinger, SAAB

CFD for Aircraft

16:50 -- 17:10 Leonard Borgstro"m, Alfa-Laval

Fluid Mechanics of Centrifugal Separation

19:00 Dinner

Friday September 6th

07:30 Breakfast

08:40 -- 09:20 Seppo Laine, HUT

Research Activities of the CFD Group at Helsinki University of Technology

09:20 -- 09:40 Antti Oksanen, TUT

Modelling and Measurements of Combustion and Turbulence in TUT

09:40 -- 10:00 Arnold F. Bertelsen, Univ. Oslo

On some research activities in Fluid Mechanics at the

Mechanics Division, University of Oslo

10:00 -- 10:30 Coffee

10:30 -- 10:50 Knut S. Eckhoff, Univ. Bergen

On Some Numerical Issues Related to CFD

10:50 -- 11:10 Esko Jarvinen, CSC

Finnish National CFD-Technology Programme

11:10 -- 11:50 Helge Andersson, NTH

The Impact of Direct Numerical Simulation on Turbulence Modelling

12:00 -- 13:30 Lunch

13:30 -- 15:30 Discussion about future activities of the Nordic PC

15:30 -- 16:00 Coffee

List of Participants


Thomas Condra, A*lborg University
Poul S. Larssen, Fluid Mechancis, TUD
Jens-Peter Lynov, Optics and Fluid mechanics, Risoe
Niels N. Soerensen, Meteorology and Wind Energy, Risoe


Hannu Ahlstedt, TUT
Esko Jarvinen, CSC
Seppo Laine, HUT
Antti Oksanen, TUT


Helge Andersson, NTNU
Arnold F. Bertelsen, Mechanics, Univ. Oslo
Knut S. Eckhoff, Mathematics, Univ. Bergen


Farid Alavyoon, Vattenfall Utveckling
Henrik Alfredsson, Mechanics, KTH
Bert Arlinger, SAAB
Leonard Borgstrom, Alfa-Laval
Lars Davidsson, Thermo and Fluid, CTH
Dean Eklund, CASE-KTH
Catrin Engelstrand, Mechanics, KTH
Laszlo Fuchs, Heat and Power, LTH
Hakan Gustavsson, Fluid Mechanics, LuTH
Magnus Hallba"ck, Mechanics, KTH
Dan Henningson, FFA/KTH
Arne Johansson, Mechanics, KTH
Ingemar Lindblad, FFA
Lennart Lofdahl, Thermo and Fluid, CTH
Hans Martensson, VAC

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