Name:  Dr. Fabien S. Godeferd
Institution: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, UMR 5509 CNRS - ECL - UCBL - INSA, France
Tel: +33(0)4 72 18 61 55
Fax: +33(0)4 78 64 71 45

ERCOFTAC Representatives

Managing Board:
Scientific Programme Committee:
Knowledge Network Committee: Dr Antoine Llor

Research Members

Institution: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Laboratoire de Mecanique des Fluides et d'Acoustique,
Name: Dr Claude Cambon
Name: Dr. Fabien S. Godeferd

Institution: L.E.G.I.
Name: Mr Christophe Baudet

Institution: Laboratoire de Physique, Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon
Name: Mr Jean-François Pinton

Institution: Institut Jean Le Rond d'Alembert
Name: Mr Pierre Sagaut


Industrial Members

Institution: CEA-Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique
Name: Dr Antoine Llor

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Multiscale and directional approach to single-phase and two-phase flows

Workshop on "Multiscale and directional approach to single-phase and two-phase flows" Location: Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France Date: 4th - 7th May 2020 SIG: SIG35, SIG39, SIG50, PC Henry Bénard Organisers: Mikhael Gorokhovski ( LMFA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France) , Carlo

4 May 2020

ERCOFTAC Spring Festival 2019 - Brussels

15-16 April 2019, the von Karman Ins titute, Brussels ERCOFTAC are pleased to invite you to the ERCOFTAC Spring Festival 2019 will be held in Brussels hosted by The von Karman Institute, from 15 to 16 April 2019. Numeca, Cenaero, ULg and the von Karman Institute are happy and proud to sponsor

17 Apr 2019

Ercoftac Montestigliano Spring School 2019

07-13 April, 2019 Organizers: Shervin Bagheri, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden ( ) Peter Schmid, Imperial College, London, UK, ( Background The network of interactions among fluid elements and coherent structures gives rise to the

7 Apr 2019

Astroflu IV

Astroflu IV - Organized by Henri Bénard Pilot Center, SIG 35 and SIG 4. January 23-24 2019, École Centrale de Lyon Motivations and Objectives: The two first local events ‘ASTROFLU’ were principally organised by the Henri Bénard PC in Lyon, 12-13/11/2008 and 15/12/2011. The third one, which took

23 Jan 2019

Pilot Centre "Henri Bénard" - Meeting

Date: 01/07/2018 Location: École centrale de Lyon, Écully - Amphi 1 Organisers: Claude Cambon, Fabien Godeferd PC Henri Benard Friday June, 1st 10:30 CHB Introductory session – C. Cambon & F.S. Godeferd 11:00 Special seminar on Henri Bénard history and scientific legacy “Henri

1 Jun 2018

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Bulletin 119

The new issue of ERCOFTAC Bulletin has been released ! Table of contents is available here

1 Aug 2019