TAI 1 (Turbulence And Interface 1)

18th - 20th May 2022

Ecole Centrale in Lyon:
Maison d'Ampère, Poleymieux-au-Mont-d'Or (closely to Lyon)

Coordinator: Mikhael Gorokhovski Organiser: PC Henri Bénard, SIG35


The current DNS and experiments confirm that the flow at large Reynolds number has a highly irregular structure, i.e. the regions with low gradients of the velocity (the non-turbulent motion) are intermittent with very narrow regions of persisting vortical and sheared structures, in which the velocity gradients are very large. The interactions of such structures, as their intersection for example, may induce the violent local accelerations in the fluid. In many natural phenomena and practical applications, we can meet such a highly-intermittent flow but in the presence of the gas/liquid interface.

The examples include see surface turbulence, primary air-blast atomization, the turbulence in stratocumulus clouds, industrial flows with droplets and bubbles. Our main question is two-fold: how the flow structures induce two-phase interactions, and on what may be the signature of the interface between two immiscible fluids on the dynamics of flow structures. By bringing together researchers in various backgrounds, we propose to open discussion on the physics behind these interactions.

The subject of the Workshop is of specific interest due to environmental and engineering applications. Certainly, the discussions will motivate further studies. Therefore, we are going to organize periodically such Workshop. The expected audience in this Workshop is about 20 external participants.

The Colloquium will be open for free attendance to students and junior researchers, although we highly expect to draw international researchers, complimentary to a score of invited speakers.

Preliminary list of invited speakers:

  1. Olivier Desjardins (Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University USA): turbulent cascade in the presence of the gas/liquid interface
  2. Mickael Bourgoin (Ecole Normale de Lyon, France): TBA
  3. Romain Volk (Ecole Normale de Lyon, France): TBA
  4. Patrick Jenny (ETH Zürich, Swiss): turbulence/droplet evaporation
  5. Rodney Fox (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Iowa State University, USA): turbulence induced by heavy particles cluster
  6. Jérémie Bec (Laboratoire Lagrange, Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur, France): feed-back of inertial particles in homogeneous turbulence
  7. Stephane Zaleski (Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie,Institut Jean-Le-Rond-d'Alembert, France): turbulence/atomization
  8. Frederi Risso (IMFT, Toulouse, France): bubbles induced turbulence
  9. Federico Toschi (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands): particle clusters and turbulence
  10. Guido Boffetta (University of Turin, Turin, Italy): Rayleigh-Taylor turbulence
  11. Alfredo Soldati (Vienna University of Technology, Austria): highly turbulent flows with droplets ans bubbles
  12. Alain Pumir (Ecole Normale de Lyon, France): mechanisms of intremittency in a high Reynolds turbulence
  13. Carlo Massimo Casciola(University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy): bubble nucleation dynamics
  14. Frédéric Moisy (FAST, University of Paris-Sud, France ): experimental turbulence in the presence of interface
  15. Detlef Lohse (Physics of Fluids Group, University of Twente, The Netherlands): cavitating bubbles close to a free surface