ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival, 26-27 September 2013


ERCOFTAC 25TH Anniversary Celebration

Venue: British Petroleum Institute,Cambridge,UK
 Bullard Laboratories
 Madingley Road
 Cambridge, CB3 0EZ
 United Kingdom


The Autumn Festival is sponsored by the UK Aerodynamics Center

ERCOFTAC will hold its Autumn Festival on the 26 - 27 September 2013 at BPI, the British Petroleum Institute, Cambridge, UK. On 26 September 2013, the day is organised into two parts, in the morning there will be a technical set of presentations relating to R&D UK, and in the afternoon, the highly recognised Da Vinci award takes place.

On 27 September the ERCOFTAC Committee meetings take place. In the morning the SPC and KNC meetings, and in the afternoon the GA and MB meeting.

Earlier in that week, 24-25 September 2013, ERCOFTAC will deliver a SIG5 event at this venue, and it is  related to Buoyancy Driven MixingSIG 5 is lead by Prof. Vincenzo Armenio.

Pease note for all the below announcements and meetings, timetables and agendas are to be provided shortly.

Thursday 26 th Septmeber 2013

Day Programme:

Room: BP Institute Open Plan Area

Talks, Presentations and Da Vinci Competition Award (details below )

Evening Programme:

Venue: Trinity College

ERCOFTAC 25TH Anniversary Celebration

A coach will be made available to escort delegates.
At venue, there will be a drink reception, and dinner, with a keynote speaker to be announced in the coming days.

Friday 27 th Septmeber 2013

ERCOFTAC Committees Meeting

Scientific Programme Committee  ( chair: Prof. B. J. Geurts)
Room: Wolfson Building Lecture Theatre (building on site, 2 minute walk);

Knowledge Network Committee  ( chair: Prof. A. G. Hutton)
Room: BP Institute Open Plan Area

Managing Board - General Assembly ( chair: Prof. A. Tomboulides)
Room: BP Institute Open Plan Area

Registration of interest for celebration dinner 6th September and Festival by no later than 13 September 2013:

Ms M. Jakubczak, CADO, ERCOFTAC, T- 0044(0)207 559 1429

Travel and Accommodation





Thursday 26th September 2013

Scientific Meeting, the Leonrado da Vinci student award, and 25th Celebration Dinner


Friday 27th September 2013

Committee Meetings - KNC, SPC and MB-GA

More info to follow shortly

The Leonardo da Vinci Award

The 2013 Leonardo da Vinci, a world renowned Competition, will be held during the first day of the Autumn Festival , 26th September 2013, at the Wolfson Lecture Theatre.

There are five finalists , each will give a 20 minute presentation about their research work, during their PhD. The name, affiliation and presentation title are provided below:

Dr. Gunes Nakiboglou:

Aeroacoustics of corrugated pipes: silence is golden

Dr. Malte Kejllander:

Energy concentration by converging shock waves in gases

Dr. Kamil Szewc:

Development of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynmics approach for modelling of multiphase flows with interfaces

Dr. Khartik Kashinati:

Non-linear self-excited thermoacoustic oscillations bifurcations, routes to chaos and control

Dr. Onfrio Semeraro

Active control in transitional shear flow