SIG General Funding Rules

General SIG Funding is meant to:

  • facilitate participation of the SIG Coordinator to ERCOFTAC's Spring and Autumn Festivals,
  • provide seed money for possible SIG meetings, etc.,
  • the maximum total assistance from ERCOFTAC funding for the SIG General Funding is 1,500 Euro;
  • Coordinators of a SIG with Funding Status should not use this general SIG funding to finance an event which has already received any fixed amount from ERCOFTAC (workshop, conference, summer school, course);

Submission and approval process:

  • proposal must be sent to the ERCOFTAC CADO at least 2 weeks before the next SPC meeting,
  • SIG Coordinators should apply for General SIG Funding using the application form and provide a report on activities in the past year and a plan of future activities. It will be presented to the Scientific Programme Committee for approval;
  • The Scientific Programme Committee will recommend to the Executive Committee/ Managing Board its approval. The procedure required to obtain approval should not take more than three months;

Reimbursement of costs:

  • the fees and costs should be settled reasonably soon after the ERCOFTAC event;
  • SIG Coordinators should send to: the following documents:
    • an ERCOFTAC Travel Expenses Report (standard form can be received from CADO) or
    • an invoice mentioning the title, location and date of the event, the necessary bank details, and attachment of scanned receipts pertaining to all participants that require reimbursement,
    • a financial overview, indicating how the ERCOFTAC grant has been spent. It is necessary to provide the names of those who used the funds,
    • Claims for funding can only be made during a period of 6-months starting from the beginning of the event, after which requests will no longer be considered.
    Application form is available below. Please returned filled form to: no later than two weeks before ERCOFTAC Spring or Autumn Festivals.