Rules for creating the new SIG

  1. Any SIG must be led by the Coordinator(s) whose names, organisation and email address will be placed on the ERCOFTAC website on the SIG webpage and also printed in the ERCOFTAC Bulletin; the SIG Coordinator(s) might receive their password to the SIG’s ERCOFTAC webpages to keep it up to date;

  2. The structure of the SIG must include ERCOFTAC Academic and Industrial members who pay the annual fee as well as any new members who plan to become full ERCOFTAC members after a period of one year. These new members should be informed of the ERCOFTAC fees of 500 EUR per Academic group and 1000 EUR per Industrial member. The list of SIG members with contact name and their organisation must be provided;

  3. SIG Coordinator(s) specifies a Steering Committee selected from the SIG Members;

  4. SIG should be associated with at least two Pilot Centres, and have an international organising committee;

  5. A description of the SIG’s objectives, motivations, plans, purposes and focus should be provided likewise a short description adequate to the SIG subject matter which will be published on the ERCOFTAC SIG webpage.

The role of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within ERCOFTAC is:

  • organising workshops, summer schools, conferences and specialised courses, stimulating researchers worldwide to exchange their knowledge;
  • functioning in a variety of ways to foster scientific research and industrial developments. This may include the comparison and evaluation of methods and models; the creation of experimental and/or simulation databases; as well as the creation of consortia for EU Framework funded projects;

  • forming the scientific backbone of ERCOFTAC, the principal source of knowledge, know-how and expertise.

The benefits of creating an ERCOFTAC SIG are:

  • usage ERCOFTAC as a platform to build network connections and participate in events organized by other associated SIGs;
  • access to the ERCOFTAC Bulletin and use of it to publish research results and SIG activities;
  • usage of the ERCOFTAC Quarterly Newsletter to notify a broad group of people about current events happening within the SIG as well as reporting appealing breakthrough results;
  • the possibility to apply for SIG general funding as well as funding to organise workshops and summer schools;
  • participating in ERCOFTAC Festivals and having the opportunity to form and develop the ERCOFTAC Association.

Please provide the filled form to ERCOFTAC CADO: at least one month before ERCOFTAC Spring or Autumn Festival. The proposal will be presented and discussed during the SPC meetings.

ERCOFTAC new Special Interest Group – Proposal Form: