Procedure for creating a new ERCOFTAC Special Interest Group


    The role of SIGs within ERCOFTAC is:

    • organising workshops, summer schools, conferences and specialised courses, and stimulating researchers worldwide to exchange their knowledge;
    • fostering scientific research and industrial developments. This may include the comparison and evaluation of methods and models, the creation of experimental and/or simulation databases, as well as the creation of consortia for EU Framework funded projects;
    • forming the scientific backbone of ERCOFTAC, as the principal source of knowledge, know-how and expertise.

    The benefits of creating an ERCOFTAC SIG are:

    • use of ERCOFTAC as a platform to build network connections and participate in events organized by other associated SIGs;
    • access to the ERCOFTAC Bulletin and use of it to publish research results and SIG activities;
    • use of the ERCOFTAC Quarterly Newsletter to notify a broad group of people about current events happening within the SIG as well as reporting appealing breakthrough results;
    • the possibility of applying for SIG general funding as well as funding to organise workshops and summer schools;
    • participation in ERCOFTAC Festivals, and being given the opportunity to form and develop the ERCOFTAC Association.

    ERCOFTAC membership:


    Please complete the form and send it to ERCOFTAC CADO ( at least one month before the next ERCOFTAC Spring or Autumn Festival. The proposal will be presented and discussed during the Scientific Programme Committee meeting, which takes place on Day 2 of the Festival.