15th Da Vinci Competition 2020 (2021)

Due to Covid-19 pandemic the 15th Da Vinci competition final took place on the 22nd April 2021 during ERCOFTAC Spring Festival 2021 as an online Zoom meeting.


SPC Chairman Prof S.Hickel presents the winner Pedro M. de Oliveira
in presence of the four finalists and ERCOFTAC representatives.

Pedro M. de Oliveira - Ignition and propagation mechanisms of spray flames


Garazi Gomez-de-Segura -Turbulent drag reduction by anisotropic permeable substrates

Giovanni Iacobello - Spatio-temporal analysis of wall-bounded turbulence: A multidisciplinary perspective via complex networks

Ben Torner - Investigation of the flow physics in a ventricular assist device under consideration of the influence of turbulence on the computation of blood damage

Markus Zauner - Direct numerical simulation and stability analysis of transonic flow around airfoils at moderate Reynolds numbers


Date: ERCOFTAC Spring Festival 2021, 22nd - 23rd April 2021
Hosted by PC United Kingdom: University of Cambridge, Online Zoom meeting.