16th ERCOFTAC da Vinci Competition 2021

7th October 2021

C. Ricardo Constante-Amores - winner of
16th Da Vinci Competition 2021

Winner 2021:

C. Ricardo Constante-Amores (Imperial College, United Kingdom):
Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics simulations
of complex multiphase flows with surfactants

interview available here

Finalists 2021:

Miguel Beneitez Galan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)
Nonlinear dynamics in transitional wall-bounded flows

Miguel P. Encinar (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid)
Detection of intense events in wall-bounded turbulence

Miguel Angel Quetzeri-Santiago (Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom)
Droplet impact and contact angle dynamics on solid surfaces and textiles

Simone Silvestri (TU Delft, The Netherlands)
High temperature turbulence - coupling of radiative and convective heat transfer in turbulent flows


From the left: Miguel P. Encinar, Miguel Beneitez Galan, Miguel Angel Quetzeri-Santiago,
Simone Silvestri, C. Ricardo Constante-Amores, S. Hickel, ERCOFTAC SPC Chairman


Date: ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival 2021, 7th - 8th October 2021
Hosted by PC Italy: Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering, Sapienza Universita di Roma, Italy