14th Da Vinci Competition 2019

SPC Chairman Prof S.Hickel presents the winner
M.N. Ardekani the prize of €1k and participants:
I.Bolgar, F.Evrard, X Jiang, M. Merk


Mehdi Niazi Ardekani - Numerical Study of Transport Phenomena in Particle Suspensions  


Istvan Bolgar - On the Performance Increase of Future Space Launchers   ​
Fabien Evrard - Numerical Methods for Multi-scale Interfacial Flows 
Xizhuo Jiang - Ion Transport Through the Endothelial Glycocalyx Layer under Flow Conditions: a Large-scale Molecular Dynamics Study  
Malte Merk - Identification of Combustion Dynamics and Noise of Confined Turbulent Flames   

Date: ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival, 10th - 11th October 2019
Location: University of Magdeburg "Otto-von-Guericke", Guericke-Zentrum, Lukasklause (near river Elbe), Schleinufer 1, 39104 M