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DLES8, workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation

DLES8, workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation 

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, July 7th - 9th, 2010

After Surrey in 1994, Grenoble in 1996, Cambridge in 1999, Enschede in 2001, Munich in 2003, Poitiers in 2005 and Trieste in 2008, the 8th Workshop, DLES8, will be held in Eindhoven. Following the spirit of the series, the goal of this latest workshop is to establish a state-of-the-art of DNS and LES techniques for the computation and modeling of transitional/turbulent flows covering a broad scope of topics such as aerodynamics, acoustics, combustion, multiphase flows, environment, geophysics and bio-medical applications and fundamental aspects of LES. This gathering of specialists in the field should once again be a unique opportunity for discussions about the more recent advances in the prediction, understanding and control of turbulent flows in academic and industrial situations.
Authors wishing to contribute to the colloquium are invited to submit an abstract before January 15, 2010. Notification of acceptance will be given by March 15, 2010. Details about abstract submission will be announced on the website: Full length papers will be published as an ERCOFTAC Book Series.

Invited speakers

  • Josette Bellan (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, USA): Direct and Large Eddy Simulation of Two-Phase Flows with Evaporation
  • Hester Bijl (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands): Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Javier Jimenez (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain)
  • Marc Parlange (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland): LES of Environmental Flow
  • Heinz Pitsch (Stanford University, USA): Challenges in LES of Turbulent Reacting Flows
  • Neil Sandham (University of Southampton, UK): shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction
  • Eric Serre (CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université, France): High-order direct and large eddy simulations of turbulent rotor-stator flows
  • Claus Wagner (DLR, Germany): The use of Direct Numerical Simulations for solving industrial flow problems
  • Grégoire Winckelmans (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)


Organizing Committee

  • Vincenzo Armenio, University of Trieste
  • Jochen Fröhlich, Technical University of Dresden
  • Bernard Geurts, University of Twente
  • Hans Kuerten, Eindhoven University of Technology


Scientific Committee

  • Bendiks Jan Boersma, Delft University of Technology
  • Michael Breuer, Helmut Schmidt Universität Hamburg
  • Daniele Carati, Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Herman Clercx, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Lars Davidson, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Said Elghobashi, University of California Irvine
  • Jaroslav Fort, Technical University Prague
  • Rainer Friedrich, Technische Universität Munchen
  • William Jones, Imperial College London
  • Leonhard Kleiser, ETH Zurich
  • Eric Lamballais, Université de Poitiers
  • Kai Luo, University of Southampton
  • Charles Meneveau, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • Olivier Métais, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble 
  • Johan Meyers, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Ugo Piomelli, Queen's University Kingston
  • Maria Vittoria Salvetti, University of Pisa
  • Sutanu Sarkar, University of California San Diego
  • Alberto Scotti, University of North Carolina
  • Olivier Simonin, IMF Toulouse
  • Dominique Thevenin, Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg
  • Ananias Tomboulides, University of Western Macedonia
  • Federico Toschi, Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Luc Vervisch, CORIA Rouen


Contact Information

Mrs. Marianne Meves
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Eindhoven University of Technology
P.O. Box 513, NL-5600 MB Eindhoven,
The Netherlands
tel. +31-40-2473517
fax +31-40-2475399