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Requirements for a Pilot Centre

Requirements for a Pilot Centre

Minimum requirements

The following requirements of a Pilot Centre were agreed by the ERCOFTAC Managing Board in 1995:

  • to have at least 5 paying members of which one is from industry;
  • to have a self-determined organisational structure, with a Chairman (or equivalent) elected every 2 years by the members (re-elections are possible);
  • for larger Centres the creation of a Scientific/Steering Committee is encouraged;
  • to organise cooperation and joint research among the members beyond what would be done without having a Pilot Centre;
  • to hold at least one scientific meeting per year open to all members;
  • to prepare an annual report including an updated list of the addresses of members, publish a report on the Pilot Centres activities in the ERCOFTAC Bulletin every 2-3 years, and produce a homepage on the WWW.