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Purpose and focus of the Pilot Centre

The Belgian Pilot Centre has currently 8 members. Common research projects involve:

  • Experimental and numerical analysis of the turbulence structure in expanding swirling flows
  • Simulation of turbulent non-premixed combustion with CMC models in combination with LES techniques
  • Computational aeroacoustics for confined flows

  • Development of simulation models for two-phase flow

  • Development of non-deterministic methods for the incorporation of uncertainties in CFD predictions

  • Simulation of wake vortex dynamics

  • Simulation and validation of flows in turbomachinery

  • Development of unstructured high-accuracy methods for DNS & LES

Members of the centre participate in the following SIGs:

  • Large Eddy Simulation

  • Transition Modelling

  • Reactive Flows

  • Microscale heat transfer


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