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4th ERCOFTAC SIG33 Workshop

4th ERCOFTAC SIG33 Workshop 

April 25th - 27th, 2001

Abisko, Sweden


The purpose of the workshop was to bring together people working in the area of flow control to present the state of the art in sensing, actuation, theory, computations and experiments. Future perspectives in the area was emphasized, both in terms of novel basic research as well as technological needs and applications. The topics of special interest was recent theoretical advances and advances in methodology, linear control and estimation theories applied to flow control, non-linear optimal control, applications and experiments in instability, transition and turbulence control.


The form of the small (28 participants) workshop is presentations by the attending experts followed by informal discussions. The local environment gives ample opportunity for after-session discussions.


The workshop was held in Abisko northwest of Kiruna in Lappland, Sweden. Abisko is reached by air (to Kiruna) followed by train or bus. It is also possible to go by overnight train to Abisko from Stockholm. The location is remote, well above the polar circle, and offers excellent conditions for outdoors activities.




Prof. Håkan Gustavsson, Lulea University of Technology

Prof. Dan Henningson, KTH

Prof. Tom Bewley, UCSD

Dr. Martin Berggren, FFA


Håkan Gustavsson, Division of Fluid Mechanics, Lulea University of Technology, S-971 87 Lulea, Sweden.

e-mail:, voice: +46 920 91283, fax: +46 920 91047.

Dan Henningson, Department of Mechanics, KTH, S-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden.

e-mail:, voice: +46 8 7909004, fax: +46 8 7969850.