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Workshop on LES and DNS of ignition processes and complex structure flames

Workshop on "LES and DNS of ignition processes and complex structure flames"

7th November 2008

Organised by: Andjei Boguslawski

Numerical modeling of ignition phenomenon is very complex due to a number of reasons. The chemical kinetics of reactions taking place during ignition is not well known, time scale of ignition is very short, initial energy and temperature distribution introduced by spark is not known, evaporation rate of liquid fuel difficult to model in extremal conditions during ignition. On the other hand better understanding of this phenomenon seems to be crucial for aeroengine industry as low emission engines with lean fuels which are currently under development need careful numerical studies of altitude relight. Hence a rapid progress of new models for ignition is required. Moreover, the combustion of lean fuels could lead to local extinction problems that can generate combustion instabilities very dangerous for combustion chambers. LES predictions of such flames with complex structure seem to be very important for industry and the workshop will deliver the review of modern combustion models applicable in such transient conditions. The problem of ignition modeling is also important for internal combustion engines including spark ignition, Diesel and HCCI engines. During the workshop apart from invited speakers from academia also presenters from aeroengines and automotive industry are foreseen who will present current procedures used in industrial simulation for ignition.Program-outline: The Colloquium will take two days. Each day, three keynote speakers will give presentations of 45 minutes. In addition, a large number of shorter presentations by the participants will be given.