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JMBC Course : Aerosol Technology

JMBC Course : Aerosol Technology

JMBC, Delft, The Netherlands

Spring 2007 Jan C.M. Marijnissen (NanoStructured Materials/DelftChemTech/TU Delft, together with National and International Guest Lecturers.

The course will include, aerosol fundamentals, mechanics, particle size statistics and also more applied topics as aerosol filtration, sampling and measuring methods and instrumentation. Some special topics will include, nano- and bio-aerosols and new measuring techniques.

The course is open to students and promovendi from TU Delft, members of the JMBC and members of the Dutch/Belgian Aerosol Society. The course will be taught on 6 afternoons (6 consecutive weeks) in spring 2007. The exact dates, time and place will be announced later.

For more information contact J CM Marijnissen | 015 278 4368 |