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Course: Biological Fluid Mechanics

Course: Biological Fluid Mechanics

9th - 13th March 2009

JMBC, Delft, The Netherlands

The course will give an introduction in the broad field of biological fluid mechanics. Topics include: a recap of basics of fluid mechanics, external flows (swimming and flying, interaction of plankton and turbulence), internal flows (microcirculation, hemodynamics in large arteries, flow in flexible tubes, respiratory system, etc.). Examples of relevant experimental techniques, as well as simulation techniques will be discussed.

The course will be taught by a team of experts in each field.

The course fee for Ph.D. students from registered JMBC groups is 150 euro, which includes course materials, lunch, course dinner and accommodation. For external Phd-students, the fee is 150 euro, which does not include accommodation. For external participants, the fee is 250 euro. Registration is only possible by filling in the hard copy registration form (given in JMBC course guide) and sending it back to the JMBC secretariat or by online registration via (Registration).

For information about the course, please contact:

Programme: jmbc_biofluids2009.pdf


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