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Marstrand, Sweden

Meeting report

This year the annual meeting was held at Marstrand, north of Goteborg in Sweden. The location was Villa Maritime, right in the center of the picturesque village. Marstrand is the pearl of the west coast and has been a popular resort for centuries.

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The national representatives gave information about ERCOFTAC activities during the past year. The meeting enjoyed two invited presentations, Jonas Larsson from Volvo Aero, and Hans Enwald from Volvo Cars. A total of 20 presentations were made. Discussions were lively and creative.

The meeting expressed the gratitude that the members of NPC owe to Rolf Karlsson for his long service in ERCOFTAC and the NPC, as he is now resigning from these commitments.

As his successor as the industrial representative of the NPC to the central bodies of ERCOFTAC, the meeting decided to nominate Jari Hamalainen of Metso in Finland.

The next meeting of the Nordic Pilot Center was decided to be held in 2005 in Norway.

By: Gustav Amberg, Peter Johansson