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21st - 22nd September 2006

Copenhagen, Denmark

Meeting Report

The tenth annual meeting of the Nordic Pilot Center was held at Dragør Badehotel 10 km south of Copenhagen 21-22 September 2006. The conference site waslocated at the coast of Øresund with a nice view of the sea and an oldfortress. The meeting was attended by 26 persons and 23 presentationswere made showing ongoing research activities in the Nordic countries.Also information from ERCOFTAC and national reports were given. Dantec Dynamics A/S sponsored a part of the meeting costs and gave a presentation of their measurement equipment.

The next meeting of the Nordic Pilot Center wasdecided to be held in 2007 in Tampere in Finland and will be organizedby Hannu Ahlstedt.

By: Knud Erik Meyer