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Workshop 2

Astroflu Workshop

12th - 13th November 2008

Ecole Centrale de Lyon
  • Organisers: C. Cambon, G. Chabrier

    This workshop is a local meeting of the Henri Bénard PC, with involvement of SIG's 4 and 35.

    Motivations and objectives: to explore some points of contact between astrophysicists and specialists of compressible fluid dynamics (aeronautics, astronautics, engineering). There are topics of common interest, such as schock-turbulence interaction, coupled effects of rotation, stratification, and shear, not to mention MHD. Identification and comparison of numerical schemes is also of interest. About compressible turbulence in high speed flows, this meeting  can be seen as a follow-up of the recent ERCOFTAC/SIG 4/CNRS summer School on compressible flows, organised in Marseille by Jean-Paul Dussauge, July 7--11 2008.

     In addition to local speakers from Lyon and /or from Henri Bénard PC, 5 invited talks will take place, with Pierre Comte (LEA Poitiers, SIG 4), Lionel Larchevèque (IUSTI Marseille) and Denis Gillet (Observatoire de Haute Provence) already involved in the last Summer School.

    More details here.