SIG 35 Workshop on fundamental aspects of turbulence

Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France

3rd - 4th May 2012

Organisers: B. DubrulleC. Cambon, J. C. Vassilicos  

Motivation and themes

This workshop is partly motivated by the symposium which took place in CIRM, Marseille, September 24-30 2011, on fundamental problems of turbulence. This symposium is an opportunity to commemorate the legendary turbulence colloquium held in Marseille 50 year before (1961) and to discuss progresses in the field from half a century, together with present and future challenges.

In the same time, we are just finalizing a theme issue dedicated to SIG 35 to be published in the next ERCOFTAC bulletin. This important work illustrated nice interactions between SIG 35 members, but also revealed that this interacting aspect is globally not sufficiently developed. Accordingly, and this gives a second, even stronger, motivation, we need to stick together and to close ranks. We hope to re-equilibrate the fundamental themes and the applied themes in our SIG, in order to reinforce and/or to confirm the most promising collaborative studies.

Four themes will be particularly addressed:

  • Fundamental aspects of statistical descriptions, discussion of present and new scalings,with W. D. McComb and J. C. Vassilicos
  • Rotating flows, with and without stratification, including unstable stratification
  • Statistical theory for predicting flow patterns from desktops experiments, and application to real flows, from engineering to astrophysics, with B. Dubrulle
  • Advanced structure-based modelling and linkage to theory.


SIG14, France Henri-Bénard PC, CNRS, CEA