WCCM8 ECCOMAS 2008 Joint IACM – IUTAM Minisymposium on Transition Modelling

2nd July 2008

Venice, Italy, 30th June - 4th July 2008 


Wednesday, July 2nd    14:00 - 16:00
Transition Modelling I
Joint IACM – IUTAM Minisymposium

Minisymposium organized by Erik Dick, Mark Savill, Witold Elsner and Franco Magagnato

Room: CAS2.3
14:00 Direct Numerical Simulations of Flow in a Low-Pressure Compressor Cascade with Incoming Wakes (Keynote Lecture)
Jan G. Wissink, Tamer A. Zaki, Wolfgang Rodi and Paul A. Durbin

14:30 New Developments and Applications of the Gamma-Re-Theta Transition Model (Keynote Lecture)
Florian Menter

15:00 Prediction of the Transitional Flow of Turbine Blades with DDES and LES
Franco Magagnato and Martin Gabi

15:20 Prediction of Wake-Induced Transition on Turbine Blade with Intermittency Transport Model
Władysław Piotrowski and Witold Elsner

15:40 Implementing and Testing a Natural Transition Model in a Multi-Block Finite-Volume Time-Resolved RANS Scheme
Aldo Rona, Davide Di Pasquale and J. Paul Gostelow

Wednesday, July 2nd    16:30 - 18:30
Transition Modelling II
Minisymposium organized by Erik Dick, Mark Savill, Witold Elsner and Franco Magagnato
Room: CAS2.3
16:30 3D Transition Prediction in Navier-Stokes Computations using Linear Stability Theory
Normann Krimmelbein and Rolf Radespiel

16:50 A Transport Intermittency Model for Supersonic/Hypersonic Boundary Layer Transition
Song Fu and Liang Wang

17:10 Direct Numerical Simulation of Reverse Transition from Turbulence in Plane Poiseuille Flow
Yoshito Tanaka, Masato Yoshino, Masaharu Matsubara and Noritaka Aota

17:30 Investigation of the Negative and Positive Jets in the Induced by Wakes Transition
Zygmunt Wiercinski and Jacek Zabski

17:50 Turbulent Spots during Boundary Layer By-Pass Transition
Pavel Jonas, Witold Elsner, Oton Mazur, Vaclav Uruba and Marian Wysocki

18:10 Validation of a Dynamic Intermittency Model for Wake-Induced Transition on Turbine Blades
Koen Lodefier, Slawomir Kubacki, Robert Zarzycki, Witold Elsner and Erik Dick