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Bulletin Contributions

Bulletin Contributions
  • Workshop reports

    F.C.G.A. Nicolleau D. Queiros Conde, A.F. Nowakowski, T. Michelitsch
    Synthetic flows for heat and mass transfer
    Université Paris-Ouest, Nanterre La Défense, France
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, ??, 2017.

    F.C.G.A. Nicolleau and C. Cambon
    Synthetic flow structure - clustering and modelling
    Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Eculy, France
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 105, 2015.

    F. Nicolleau and L. Zhou and A.F. Nowakowski and A. Delgado and T. Michelitsch
    Synthetic turbulence, wavelet and CFD
    STM University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany,
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 101, 2014.

    A.F. Nowakowski and H. Kudela and F. Nicolleau,
    Synthetic turbulence and vortex dynamics
    Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 97, 2013.

    F. Nicolleau, A. Nowakowski, T.Michelitsch, and D. Queiros Conde
    8th workshop on synthetic turbulence
    Synthetic turbulence, clustering and fractal geometry
    28-29 June 2012, Paris, France

    F. Nicolleau, S. Laizet, J.C. Vassilicos, and A.F. Nowakowski.
    How to assemble and disassemble turbulence
    and how do things assemble and disassemble in it? Department of Aeronautics, Imperial College London, UK.
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 89:18-24, 2011.

    F.S. Godeferd, F. Nicolleau, C. Cambon, and A.F. Nowakowski.                                    Synthetic models and environment, LMFA, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France.                     ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 85:35–38, 2011.

    A. Naso, F. Nicolleau, F. Godeferd, and C. Cambon.
    Velocity Gradients and Increments, Dynamics and Statistics.
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 83:20–21, 2010.

    A. F. Nowakowski, J. Rokicki, K. Bajer, and F. Nicolleau.
    Synthetic models and vortex methods, Warsaw University of Technology Warsaw, Poland. ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 81:23-26, 2009

    J.-R. Angilella, F. Nicolleau, and J.-M. Redondo.
    Synthetic turbulence model and particle-laden flows, Ecole de Géologie, Nancy, France. ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 79:32-35, 2009

    E. Meneguz, A. Baggaley, M. Reeks, F. Nicolleau, and C. Cambon.
    3rd worshop on Synthetic turbulence models University of Newcastle, UK.
    ERCOFTAC Bulletin, 79:28{31, 2009

    J-M Redondo, Franck Nicolleau and Claude Cambon
    Synthetic Turbulence Models II SIG 42 and 35 ERCOFTAC workshop
    ERCOFTAC bulletin 76, March issue, 2008

    F. Nicolleau and C. Cambon
    Synthetic Turbulence Models I SIG 35/ERCOFTAC workshop,
    ERCOFTAC bulletin 75, December issue, 2007