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Critical flow dynamics involving moving/deformable structures with design applications

IUTAM Symposium on
“Critical flow dynamics involving
moving/deformable structures
with design applications”

Resort Hotel De Sol Santorini, Greece

18-22 June 2018 


Co-chaired by

Dr. Marianna Braza -IMFT- France,

Prof. Kerry Hourigan - Monach University, Australia 

Prof. Michael Triantafyllou - MIT, USA 

Host Institution:

Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse, IMFTUnité Mixte de Recherche UMR CNRS-INPT-UPS 5502, France

Deadline of extended abstracts submission 31th December 2017

Notification of acceptance 15th  February 2018

Full paper due30th  April 2018


  • Theoretical aspects of Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) involving separation

  • Instability and Transition studies related to the onset of separation
  • Intelligent Materials, Morphing, Actuation, Energy Conversion 
  • Bio-inspired methods for smart-wing design. 
  • Experimental techniques for the dynamics of separation in VIV, MIV, TIV
  • Compressibility effects related to unsteady separation in FSI
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of unsteady separated flows
  • Turbulence Modeling approaches involving FSI: advanced statistical (URANS), LES and hybrid (URANS-LES)
  • Coupling strategies CFD-SM
  • Dynamically controlled aerodynamic and hydrodynamic shapes and vibrations for improved design.