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Mini-Symposium on Swirling Flows, in the context of EFMC5

Mini-Symposium on Swirling Flows, in the context of  EFMC5

Toulouse, France, August 27th 2003  

List of presentations 

  • Etling and M. Gryschka : Roll vortices in the atmospheric boundary layer
    V. Kozlov, G.R. Grek, L. Löfdahl, V.G. Chernorai, M.V. Litvinenko : Effect of streamwise vorticies on the transition in boundary layers and jets
  • S. Guenther and M. Oberlack : Modeling of the Pressure-Strain and Diffusion-Term in Rotating Flows
  • F. Kaplanski and Ü. Rudi : Particle Dynamics in a Swirling Vortex Ring
  • D.A. MacDonald : On Separation and Flow reversal in Swirling Flows in Circular pipes
  • V. L. Okulov and  S. Martemianov : Heat and Mass Transfer Ambiguities in Swirling Pipe Flows
  • T. Poinsot : Compressible Large-Eddy Simulation of turbulent combustion
  • M. Provansal, T. Leweke, L. Schouveiler , P. Le Gal, S. Le Dizès and P. Meunier : Instabilities of the wakes of sphere and cylinder and elliptic instabilities
  • V. Vasanta Ram, J. Micheel, R. Oerlue, I. Schmitz and Nan Ji  : 3-D LDV Measurement and Analysis of Swirling Flow in a Pipe
  • Eric Serre and Patrick Bontoux : Future