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Flow Control Tehcnologies

Flow Control Technologies

9 - 10 December 2013

UK Aerodynamics Centre

Martell House, Cranfield, UK

Course Coordinator: Prof. Kwing-So Choi, Nottingham University, UK

Courtesy: Johan Kok

    ERCOFTAC is proud to announce a two day course on Flow Control Technologies, at UK Aerodynamics Centre in Cranfield, UK, 9-10 Dec 2013.

    Flow Control is a topic that has seen tremendous technological advances, from basic measurements techniques relying on pressure sensors, to a myriad of sensing techniques underpinned by advances in material technology, viable and accurate aerodynamic analysis, which are all made tractable by the rapid advances in digital control technologies. The recent advances in sensing and control technologies will be presented, over the two days of this course, with the aim of providing a key picture of the aerodynamic flow processes governing a particular flow regime, and thus express a suite of aerodynamic-body structure motive forces that can help monitor and control the flow regime in question, with a view to improved aerodynamic load transfer and thus efficiency.


    - Overview of the modern flow control techniques applicable to aeronautics

    - Basic theory and applications of flow control from laminar to turbulence flows

    - Review of current application of various techniques in controlling momentum, flow noise and heat transfer

    - Discussion on the technology transfer issues and future progress


    Prof. Kwing-So Choi, University of Nottingham, UK

    Prof. Rudibert King, TU Berlin, Germany

    Prof. Jens Fransson, KTH

    Prof. Richard Sandberg, University of Southampton, UK

    Prof. Ken Badcock, University of Liverpool, UK

    Prof. Jonathan Morrison, Imperial College, UK

    Prof. Eric Moreau, University of Poitiers, France

    Prof. Michael Leschziner, Imperial College, UK

    Prof. Maurizio Quadrio, Politecnico di Milano, Italy





    Course Fees:

    ERCOFTAC members: €540

    ERCOFTAC non-members: €875

    Please note the course fee covers attendance, course material, lunch and refreshments and does not include accommodation

    For registration of interest: