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Further information

Activities of the SIG

  • Best Practice Guidelines for Computational Fluid Dynamics of Dispersed Multiphase Flows, (Eds. Sommerfeld, van Wachem and Oliemans) Version 1, Printed October 2008


  • Data Base for Dispersed Two-Phase Flow Predictions: Various test cases for validating numerical predictions of dispersed two phase flows, such as confined particle-laden jet, dispersion of particles in a shear layer, particle laden vertical and horizontal channel flow, particle dispersion in swirling flow, circulating fluidised beds, and evaporating sprays are available at:


    Joint Research Projects

  • EU-Project: Human Capital and Mobility
    Transport processes in dispersed turbulent two-phase flows: Improvement and development of numerical methods and models based on detailed experiments.
    Period: 1993 until 1995
    Project Coordinator with 9 Partners: Dr.-Ing. M. Sommerfeld, Erlangen University
    (Report in ERCOFTAC Bulletin No. 20, March 1994 and No. 33 June 1997)


  • INTAS Project No. No. 94-4348
    Development and improvement of different approaches for predicting dispersed two-phase flows
    Period: 1. Sept. 1995 until 31. Aug. 1998
    Coordinator: Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Sommerfeld, University of Halle(Saale)