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Industry Events 2018

Programme of Events 2018-Latest Data

 Programme Manager: Dr. Richard E. Seoud

In ERCOFTAC we have a key mission on Best Practice in the field of CFD, whether the CFD environment supports single phase, multiphase or combusting flows. Hence, the below first four events are designed and are continuously updated to reflect up and coming new practices leading to solutions where errors and uncertainties are minimised. The fifth event is related to our Technology Awareness portfolio, where we express new cutting-edge ideas that act as a launch platform on Best Practices in the field of interest.

1. Computational Aeroacoustics, III

ONERA, Paris, France, 4-5 June 2018

2. Hybrid RANS-LES Methods for Industrial CFD, IX

NUMECA, Brussels, Summer-Autumn 2018,

3. CFD for Dispersed Multiphase Flows, IX

Uni of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland, October 2018

4. Best Practices in Combustion CFD, IV

EU, Autumn 2018

5. Wind Load on Structures - A technology awareness seminar

Copenhagen, Denmark, Spring-Summer 2018