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Past technical programme

Past technical programme

Regular Events Promoted by ABCM

The regular events promoted by ABCM are:

  • COBEM - International Congress in Mechanical Engineering
    Main scientific event in Mechanical Engineering in Latin America, covering all areas of knowledge related to Mechanical Sciences and Engineering. Participation averages 1000 people, with about 800 published papers. It is held every two years since 1971.
  • CONEM - National Congress of Mechanical Engineering
    It is held every two years in the North-Northeast region of Brazil. It has ABCM's sponsorship since 1992 and covers all areas related to Mechanical Engineering. Participation of about 300 people, with 300 published papers.
  • ENCIT - Brazilian Congress in Thermal Sciences and Engineeering
    It is held every two years, since 1986. Participation averages about 350 people, with 300 technical articles in the proceedings.
  • DINAME - International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics
    International event directed to professionals working in dynamics, controls, vibrations and acoustic systems. Participation averages 120 people, with 100 published papers. It is organized every two years since 1986.
  • COBEF - Brazilian Meeting on Manufacturing Engineering
    It is held every 2 years, since 2001, with an average of 150 papers published.
  • EPTT - Spring School on Transition and Turbulence
    Organized every 2 years, since 1998. It includes papers presentation, courses and lectures by national and international experts in the field.
  • CREEM - National Congress of Mechanical Engineering Students
    It has ABCM's sponsorship since 1998. Students' participation of about 300 people, with 200 presented papers. It occurs in a yearly basis, since 199

  • JEM - Brazilian Multiphase Flow Week It is held every two years and comprises two consecutive events: a technical meeting - EBECEM (Brazilian Meeting on Multiphase Flow and Phase Change Heat Transfer) and a school - 2nd EBEM (Brazilian School of Multiphase Flow). The main objective is to bring together researchers and practitioners along with students under same forum and same place to promote scientific and technological progress in a strategic area of multiphase flow.