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    ERCOFTAC SPRING FESTIVAL hosted by ADA PC at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

    TheErcoftac Spring Festival 2017 was hosted by the Alpe Danube Adria PC from April06th to 07th at AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology inVienna. It was jointlyheld with the 25th ADA PC Meeting. Participants from 12 countries had theopportunity to follow research activities from the ADA PC members focussedaround “Micro-Macro-Scales” in a total of 11 presentations. After a tour aroundthe facilities of AIT including demonstrations at the Acoustic Heat PumpLaboratory, participants visited the Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel (RTA RailtecArsenal) providing “Quality in Any Weather”. Thank you all for joining!

    AITAustrian Institute of Technology:

    Vienna Climatic Wind Tunnel:


    25th ADA PC meeting anniverary cake