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ERCOFTAC SIG Workshops for 2018


SIG & PC Workshops for 2018


14-21/04/2018   Montestigliano, Italy  

Montestigliano Workshop - A Workshop Series in Fluid Dynamics for Doctoral students: 2018 topic "Lattice Boltzmann methods for fluid flows".   

 Coordinators: S Bagheri

6-8/03/2018  Paraty, Brazil

13th ERCOFTAC SIG 33 Workshop

 Coordinators: Cavalieri, A.   Hanifi, A.   Henningson. D. (SIG 33)

25-28/06/2018 Galway, Ireland    

13th International SPHERIC Workshop,

 Coordinators: Quinlan, N. J.     Benedict Rogers (SIG 40)

2-6/07/ 2018 Wimereux, France   

Active transport in the Ocean: Turbulence, Chemistry and Biology

Coordinators: Poelma, Ch.  (SIG 37)  Armenio, V. (SIG 5)
Roekaerts, D.
(SIG 28)

27-28/07/2018 Dublin, Ireland   

14th International Workshop on Measurement and Computation of Turbulent Flames

Coordinators: Dreizler, A.     Dirk Roekaerts    (SIG28)


27-31/08/2018 Prague, Czech Republic

Waves in Flows

Coordinators: Bodnár, T.    Tomáš Bodnár    PC Czech Republic

4-7/09/2018 Budapest, Hungary  

Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow (CMFF’18)

Coordinators: Kristof, G.     Gergely Kristof    PC ADA

09-12/09/2018 Zawiercie, Poland  

XXIII Fluid Mechanics Conference 2018

Coordinators: Rokicki, J.     Jacek Rokicki    PC Poland