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ETMM History


ETMM12 , 26-28 September 2018, Montpellier, France

The ETMM Series of Conferences

  • 1990, Dubrovnik   
  • 1993, Florence   
  • 1996, Crete   
  • 1999, Corsica   
  • 2002, Mallorca
  • 2005, Sardinia
  • 2008, Limassol
  • 2010, Marseille
  • 2012, Thessaloniki
  • 2014, Marbella
  • 2016, Palermo


The ETMM series of symposia aims to provide a bridge  between  researchers  and practitioners in Flow,Turbulence and  Combustion by  reporting progress in the predominantly applied, industrially-oriented areas of turbulence research.This includes the development, improvement and application of statistical closures, simulation methods and experimental techniques for complex flow conditions that are relevant to engineering practice; the modelling of interactions between turbulence and chemistry, dispersed phases and solid structures; and the symbiosis of modelling, simulation and experimental research.

Major Themes

  • Novel modelling and simulation methods for practically relevant turbulent flows, including interaction with heat and mass transfer, rotation, combustion and multi-phase transport
  • Novel experimental techniques for flow, turbulence and combustion and new experimental studies and data sets
  • Innovative applications of modelling, simulation and experimental techniques to complex flows, industrial configurations and optimisation problems
  • High-speed aerodynamics, acoustics and flow control with emphasis on turbulence processes
  • Modelling, simulation and measurements of environmental and bio-spherical flows